Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I still have light bar noise?

Answer- There are many brand light bars/mounts/vehicle types.  During our research and development we were not able to find a vehicle year/light bar brand combination that did not work.  The biggest issue is fitment.  Our design is made to fit on any brand light bar fins and can be moved to higher and lower fins depending on mount clearance limitations.  Move the Silencer to the fin that best blocks air from coming off the windshield.  If the Silencer strip is folded against the windshield it will actually be more effective at blocking the wind, just make sure the wipers are able to move freely.  If for any reason the Silencer does not work on your vehicle simply return it to the original seller for a full refund of the purchase price.

2. What is the length of the Silencer?

Answer- The silencer is 50 inches long.  This length is for the Jeep JK version light bar.  It can be used by other makes and models of vehicles. Other uses are Trucks, Offroad RVs (such as a Razor), other years of Jeeps, etc.

3. What if my light bar is shorter than 50 inches?

Answer- you can cut the silencer using a scissors or razor knife to your custom length.  Attach the light bar first and trim the end while it is attached because the strip will stretch slightly when applied.

4.  How does the Silencer attach? Will it fall off?

Answer-  The Silencer will not come off while driving at highway speeds.  The Silencer attaches securely with 5 rubber "teeth" and the core is segmented aluminum for strength.  It is removable and re-positionable but it takes some effort to do it.

5. What tools do I need to install the Silencer?

Answer- You will need a scissors or razor knife and a allen wrench to loosen your light bar.  You will NOT be removing the light bar, only making it easier to attach the Silencer.  Depending how close the Silencer is mounted to the windshield, you may not need to loosen the light bar at all.